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Should you hire a B2B Platform with multiple registered vendors?

As a business, you need to manage your finances, drive sales, develop your product/service, hire the right team, market your product/service, manage your workforce, hire new personnel, and multiple other things. A business handles some parts internally and outsources some of these responsibilities. As a decision-maker, you need to decide which business areas should you outsource across different departments and different skill sets.

A part of this dilemma also includes deciding whether to hire multiple vendors for different jobs or look for a single platform with multiple vendors under one roof.

Why a single B2B platform offering multiple services under one roof makes more sense?

1. A One-Stop-Shop for All Your Needs
Managing multiple vendors is challenging. You have to deal with various points of contact for your needs. Also, they all work in isolation and will not know the bigger picture from a business point of view.

When you work with a single B2B platform for all your outsourcing needs, they can help you strategically as they are aware of your goals and objectives since they are handling multiple services.

Let’s say you want to hire marketing personnel. If you hire an HR consultancy, they will only go by the brief shared by you. In the case of a single B2B platform, they have a cross-functional knowledge of your business, know the work culture and the skillsets required in your team. They will be a better fit to fulfil this responsibility for you.

2. Global Outlook
A good B2B platform will handle different areas of business for multiple clients across the globe. It can be very beneficial for you to hire a single platform because of their awareness of the best global practices. They will also have exposure to the latest industry trends across different business modules.

Also, you get access to global vendors who are tried and tested and have been successful across different geographies. Let us say a company in India wants to enter a US market and is looking for vendors who have experience working in the US market. You can hire them through a B2B platform like the Vyapaar network and utilise their expertise to grow your business. Even if a company outside India aspires to enter the Indian market, it can hire vendors through the Vyapaar network and work with them.

3. Optimal Resource Utilisation
When you work with a single partner platform, it will also reduce your overhead costs. It also results in better utilisation of your time. You are more likely to deal with a single point of contact who will coordinate with multiple entities and assist you in finding the best vendor as per your requirements and specifications.

Also, it makes managing finances easy. You have to manage it only for one vendor and not for multiple vendors. It will also save a lot of time for your finance team since they have to account for only one entity.

4. External Perspective
The platform partner will provide you with an external perspective. Many times, some pitfalls get overlooked as the internal team is busy with day-to-day operations. The outsourced partner will give an external perspective and will bring a fresh approach to the table. This different point of view may help them improve their offering.

5. Quick To Get Off The Blocks
A single platform with multiple registered vendors will be quicker to get off the blocks. If you decide to hire multiple vendors by yourself, you will also have to invest time in finding the right vendor for the job. Also, a new vendor might take some time to come to terms with the requirements and deliver the best possible results.

A single B2B platform will work with the business across different functions. It will enable them to quickly find a suitable vendor and align it with your team. This way, they can start delivering the desired results faster.

6. Consultative Approach
A B2B platform like the Vyapaar network adopts a consultative approach. We do not just share with you the details of vendors randomly. We connect both the buyer and the seller over a communication channel. We nurture the dialogue between both the parties and be a bridge to help them form a fruitful alliance.

We also facilitate new vendor onboarding. We also provide both the buyer and seller with CRM access to help both of them manage business more efficiently.

Many people might be of the opinion that you are putting all your eggs in one basket. Yes, this may be a disadvantage. However, if you have chosen a single platform as a partner, which fits your business perfectly, the pros outweigh the cons.

At Vyapaar, we have a KYP program, i.e.“Know Your Partner” program in which we verify all the registered vendors. We closely monitor their terms of service and their ability to deliver the solutions. The team at Vyapaar network many times visit the local office of partners as well. We take utmost care and provide registration to those vendors who meet our quality standards.

If you are a start-up or an SMB looking to hire a central agency, connect with Vyapaar Network on . Vyapaar Network is a B2B platform wherein multiple agencies offering solutions across all business verticals are available. You can also reach out to us at +91.8591.32.3637.

Each of our partner go through a rigorous selection process before being listed on the platform. You can check out the performance reviews too. We are sure you will find the perfect partner agency that suits your needs on Vyappar Network.