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The most essential skillset for globally expanding your business.

The year 2020 was a landmark year for businesses. Many of these businesses had to adopt digitization and reach out to newer markets to survive. They had to expand to different geographies to cater to a larger audience.

On entering these newer geographies, they had to find out ways to fast-track their market penetration. One way to do so was to speak in the language of their prospective customers.

Hence, the "New Normal" gave a tremendous boost to companies providing language translation services. There was an urgent need to personalize messaging for their target audience. They also had to use local languages to deliver it effectively. There was an increase in demand for experts who knew multiple languages.

However, many businesses still went ahead with English as the preferred language for communication while expanding into foreign markets. Some of them chose to ignore communicating in the local languages.

It may be so because they feel that it may be expensive and hence do not invest in it. However, there are numerous advantages to communicating with these foreign businesses in their native languages. Also, finding freelancers or companies who can help you translate are easy to find due to digitization.

Here are two prime reasons you should consider hiring professional translation services.

1. Native Language affinity

English is a global language and is understood widely globally, even if it may not be the native language of most countries. However, most businesses in countries like Japan, France, Germany, Russia, etc., use their local languages for business operations. Hence, it helps you develop a rapport with them if you communicate in their language.

You can do so with the help of companies that offer language translation services. Some of them have onboard professional linguists and capabilities to translate in 100+ national and international languages. It helps you increase your addressable market size. It enables you to widen your horizon and work with local businesses that are more proficient in their local languages.

2. Accurate translation

A native translator also ensures that all the communication is accurate. They also ensure that it is contextualized as per the sensibilities of the local market. Many global companies use translation services for creating video and audio transcripts for their ads. It helps them communicate a clear and accurate message to their target audience.

There must be no errors in translation. A typo or misplaced word could hurt your reputation as a business. You also risk losing business due to misrepresentation of your message due to any inaccuracies within your messaging.

Multiple areas require native language proficiency. A native translator can be one of the most critical resources in your bid to expand globally. Professional linguists can help you customize your communication in multiple areas listed below.

Publish Business Reports

As a global company, you may create content around the latest industry trends, the industry scope in the region, publish research papers, or case studies of your success stories, etc., for the local businesses. These reports or communication will be read by professionals who may have other language preferences than English. To get them interested, you must publish these reports or research papers in multiple languages. It will help you overcome the language barrier and reach out to a larger market.

Honor The Law of The Land

In many countries, the local authorities make it mandatory to publish legal documents, tenders, public notices, etc., in their local language. Even in India, you have to publish certain documents in local, regional languages. You must have the ability to translate or respond in native languages to adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the local authorities.

Non-negotiable Requirement for Specific Industries

Language translation services become a non-negotiable requirement for businesses in specific sectors like education, advertising, etc. As a business, you have to hire a language translation services company. Let's say, if you are an education start-up, you will have to communicate in the local language every step of the way. In such scenarios, local language proficiency is a must.

As mentioned, the content should be localized as per the taste and preferences of the target audience. The companies that offer localization services play a vital role in this. They understand the local priorities and contribute a lot in modelling your communication that suits the local audience's tastes and is appropriate for the region of operation.

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